Alun-Alun Bandung

This environmental graphic project is focused on the behavior of park visitors around Alun-Alun Bandung. The intention was to create a signage system that stands out yet also in tune with the surrounding architectural landscape. The signage system consists of 1,8-meter high installation of red galvanic cube “totems” which was designed as a response to the existing cube-shaped stones around the park. Along with that, about 2.6-meter high installation of galvanic plates displays the orientation system in Alun-alun Bandung. All pictograms are acrylic-based.

Formed by stacked galvanic cubes. We also created floor graphics in the same color.

The signages are also formed from geometrical shapes. The cubes atop the main pole are angled to point at specific directions the park visitors may be looking for.

The pictogram is characterized by rounded edges, in contrast with the signages’ form. The design provides a friendly pictogram that is distinct and easy to read.

The signages and its composition are designed to be read easily for its possible intended audience, the park visitors. The heights in which the information are presented are made for visitors with different eyesight heights.