The brainchild of Andra Matin, Budi Pradono, and Danny Wicaksono, Bintaro Design District Festival is aimed to bridge Jakarta’s creative communities with the public at large. The entirety of the festival is self-initiated, with studios hosting their own events such as Private Exhibition, Installation, Open Studio, Open House, Open Architecture, Talkshow, and other types of event.

For its visual identity, we took inspiration from the shape of a fruit known as bintaro (cerbera manghas), an inedible fruit with lots of uses. The fruit’s texture was then translated into the logo, further communicating the event’s theme; Permeable Society.

Composition and proportions for Bintaro Design District Festival 2018’s logo. The signature half circle shape is taken from bintaro fruit’s shape. Supergraphic for Bintaro Design District Festival 2018, taken from its visual identity’s signature element. This supergraphic is implemented in an array of merchandises and stationery.