Hara & Kollektiv

Hara is a new café in North Bandung serving fusion cuisine from all over the world. Its environment is designed to be in line with its menu as well as to incite conversations. Our logo is based on the concept of “creation through connection”, just like how Hara connects different culinary cultures, something new and exciting can only be made from connection.

The various implementations of Hara’s branding.

The brochure for Hara’s opening is designed to be opened by pulling its opposite corners. The inside contains information about Hara, Kollektiv, and its environment.

Graphic ambient and environmental graphics for Hara in their respective places and functions.

Ambience of Hara cafe, designed by A2 Architects.

Kollektiv is a boutique hotel with the concept of creating something extraordinary out of the ordinary. Its environment is constructed out of mixed materials with a touch of nature. The logo we created represents the mix between Kollektiv’s constructs and its setting within the natural environment.

Various implementations of Kollektiv’s branding on printed materials.

Amenities set for Kollektiv.

Environmental graphics for Kollektiv, including room number and floor directory.

Regulatory signages for Kollektiv’s environment.