hot yo studio

Hot Yo is a yoga studio located in the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. In 2022, Hot Yo is opening its new studio nestled in the busy KLCC area in collaboration with Decathlon and Uncommon Dance Studio. Along with this, Hot Yo aims to rejuvenate its identity as a brand by carrying a new concept that is “Reinventing the Yoga Experience.”

Our role in this project is to help create the environmental graphic design and redesign the logo for its new location. We also give creative direction and visual identity in a holistic manner for aspects such as visual, implementation, and spatial.

Our concept for this project is inspired by the notion of connection, in which we interpret it to reflect a fresh appearance with friendly shapes to further emphasize Hot Yo as a place that can make its clients feel connection inwards, to their higher selves, and outwards to the community.

We combined Hot Yo Studio typography with our visual interpretation of “connection” and yoga pose. The visual shape of straight and curved lines are combined to form ‘HOT YO’ letters. Each shape in this logotype subtly resembles a yoga pose that relates to the main role of Hot Yo, which is providing a space for people to be connected through yoga.

Architecture by Studio Karya