Hot Yo Studio

Located in Desa Sri Hartamas Malaysia, Hot Yo Studio is one of the best yoga studios in Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia’s very own Studio Karya, our past collaborator, did the architecture and interior design. In this project, we collaborated again with Studio Karya on creating the amalgamation between architecture, interior, and graphic design.

Our scope of work on making the environmental graphic elements includes designing pictogram, graphic ambient and wayfinding system. For this project, our approach is to communicate Hot Yo Studio’s identity as a yoga studio. We took cues from the poses and movements in yoga, and then incorporate them in all their design needs, including typography and pictogram.

Advertising content for Hot Yo Studio displays yoga positions in both photography and pictogram.

For this project, we created a custom typeface from yoga poses. This typeface is applied throughout the project’s various implementations.

Pictogram for Hot Yo Studio is created in the same character and stroke as the typeface and visual identity.

The applied sign system in Hot Yo Studio’s location.