Venice Art Biennale

A book design for an exhibition by Indonesian Pavilion for Venice Art Biennale 2019 titled “Lost Verses, Akal Tak Sekali Datang Runding Tak Sekali Tiba”, a collaboration between two Indonesian artists, Syagini Ratna Wulan and Handiwirman Saputra, with Asmudjo J. Irianto and Yacobus Ari Respati as curators. Nusae’s work aims to bridge the exhibitor concept to the concept of the biennale, “May you live in interesting times”, an old Chinese saying conveying an irony, “interesting times” refers to a period of uncertainty or political turmoil. Materials used for the book and other environmental graphic design items for the exhibition resemble one of the materials for the exhibited items to create a holistic and relevant design that blends with the exhibition.