Jati is one of the restaurants under CV Boga Teman Sejati, specialized in various delicacies such as coffee and bread that are inspired by many types of indigenous Indonesian dishes. The name “Jati” means Teak, a tree known for its strength, quality, and beauty.


Main Logo

This visual identity communicates many elements of Jati’s identity. The rounded shape of the font is inspired by the shape of bread, one of the specialties of Jati. The letter “A” element in the logotype was made in the form of a window to represent morning activity because both of Jati’s specialties are commonly considered as breakfast dishes. The morning ambiance, when the morning light from the window slowly suffused into our room and moved us to start our day, is one thing we had in mind when designing the visual identity of Jati as a whole.

The color we chose for Jati represents the morning spirit. It’s red, but not fierce red, but red in which passionate character is subtly projected.


Identity Transformation

When we try to imagine a morning ambiance, we visualize in our mind an opened window and how our room is bathed in the morning light to accompany us having breakfast. The window, in and on itself associated with the morning time of the day, and it comes in various forms, when we utilize one of its forms for Jati’s visual identity, we were tinkering with its form so that it can also represent Jati’s main product: bread. That is one of the reasons why the form of Jati’s visual identity looks like both a window and a bread.

All of the fonts in Jati’s logotype are also subtly modified to be in tune with its mark. Even further, we also implement Jati’s visual identity to its holding company, “Boga Teman Sejati”, so that it can be one of the vocal points that separate Boga Teman Sejati from its competitors. The branding and design character is holistically implemented to make the impression more powerful.

Illustrations were also made to further communicate Jati’s brand essence. We created several illustrations about various morning activities that people used to do while having breakfast such as drinking coffee, reading newspapers, books, and also opening a laptop. Simple things that are close to our daily lives. Those illustrations were implemented to the logo to become Jati’s secondary identity. All of those characters, values, and visuals, are wrapped within the tagline “Teman untuk memulai pagi” that can be interpreted as “your morning companion to start the day”.


Visual Identity on Object and Building Façade

During the branding process of Jati, our scope of work includes the creative direction, environmental direction, and also parts of the architecture direction. Jati’s architecture was made to serve the authentic Indonesian experience, with woven rattan as the main material for the upper part of the façade, from the distance the building looks as if it is a house on stilts. That particular visual element is also able to give a unique impression for the visitors. The environmental graphic design elements were also strategically and harmonically implemented to blend well with the primary and secondary logo identity of Jati.

To this day, Bandung is the city known for its unique café and coffee shop. From the beginning of this project, we observe and analyze many cafes within a 500-meter radius from Jati. From that observation, the design was made to present an even more unique and impressive atmosphere compared to its competitors.

Because most of the Jati’s special dishes are inspired by authentic Indonesian dishes, rattan is chosen as the material to present the intended ambiance. Natural light can slant into the room through the gaps in the woven rattan, that momentum can remind us of how the morning light comes into our room. By that, the essence of Jati’s brand can also manifest in momentum and vibe.

To make this happen, we collaborated with BYO Living, a professional Indonesian woven rattan brand. From that collaboration, our main vision to produce a potent visual impression for Jati can be achieved.

The whole visual identity of Jati is also adjusted and harmonized compositionally with its distinctive architecture. We also try to put ourselves in the customers’ shoes, how they can see the surrounding, the shape of the building, and the graphic elements put in the right place, proportionally, with high quality. The amalgamation of all those factors creates a unique experience for Jati’s visitors.

Jati’s identity is also manifested in many items related to Jati, starting from tote bag, bottle, box, and also cup so that the character can be more memorable for the customers. Other than that, the takeaway culture is also important to be taken into consideration during the pandemic. When the customers buy Jati’s products and bring them outside, we want the packaging to be eye-catching and different, so the brand awareness can also be enhanced.

The implementation of Jati’s brand visual identity doesn’t stop on the graphic elements in EGD and building, but also on the interior that is coalescing with other environmental elements. Functional items such as directional signs, pictograms, and table numbers, all were developed using Jati’s visual identity.