Lokal Container

Lokal Container is a collective/typography studio initiated by the design-minded youth of Bandung, the creative capital of Indonesia. The collective aims to bring typography to the local community, especially for those who are dabbled in creative works such as musicians, artists, designers, and others while not limiting people from the outside of the creative disciplines as well. It can be said that Lokal Container wants to integrate typography as one of the local’s youth movements and spread the spirit around the world.


Using their own font named BDO Grotesk which is designed with high flexibility but still strongly able to maintain consistency, Nusaé designed its identity to represent the collective’s core values and spirit which is typography. Nusaé takes an experimental approach while still maintaining the integrity & discipline associated with the field of typography to create a relevant identity for the collective. The identity is then implemented on all of the collective’s communication materials both in printed and digital formats.