Seek a Seek

Transposition is the miniature of Nusae’s work for Bintaro Design District 2019 that was made for Seek ‘a’ Seek Exhibition. This work displays the modularity of that particular sign system. A sign system is needed to assist people with navigation in an environment which people are not familiar with, yet a lot of signage designs are sometimes vague or unclear and even obtrusive to their environment, whether they’re nailed to a tree or glued to a wall. We believe in creating a sign system design that is applicable and adaptive to every terrain with different spatial characteristics and also a design that is unobtrusive and harmonious with its environment. We also apply the “ready to assemble” concept to our sign system design, with modular & easy to find components to optimize its mobility and to make its distribution more efficient.

Transposition, as the title of our work, literally means the act or process of changing something from one position to another, or of exchanging the positions of two things. The key concepts of this design are adaptability, applicability, and modularity. Those concepts are the building blocks that make the transposition between our sign system and the area where it stands more flexible. To maintain the harmony between the sign system and its environment, we only install free-standing signage, wall-mounted signage using zip-tie, and hanging banner.